akachanAC AIが赤ちゃんの顔を予測する

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※Please upload a JPG or PNG image ※AI automatically crops multiple people's photos

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※Please upload a JPG or PNG image ※AI automatically crops multiple people's photos

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    StyleGAN produces high resolution baby images with parental facial features

    babyAC uses an AI technology called StyleGAN to generate images of babies. StyleGAN is an extension of a deep learning model called GAN (Generative Adversarial Network), which allows you to learn the characteristics of two images and combine them to generate anew high-resolution image

    babyAC extracts facial features from two parental facial photographs and combines those features with a randomly selected baby photo to create a high-resolution baby face with parental features. Generate a photo

    In addition, in order to extract (encode) the features of the parent's face at high speed, we have adopted an encoding technology called pixel2Style2pixel. This reduced the encoding process, which took about a minute, to a few seconds.

    AI artificial intelligence analyzes two faces and predicts the baby's face

    Upload the images of their faces and click the 'Run' button. AI predicts the baby's face that will be born the two faces.

    With just a photo of your face, you can predict your baby's face in the future in just three steps

    Image data will be completely erased in 24 hours, so please be assured of security. Baby face prediction and download are available for free