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Terms of service

The terms of use (Terms) listed below govern the use of images generated by AI (AI images) on https://baby-ac.com (babyAC). It is a legal contract between the users ("User" or "Users", as applicable) and ACworks Co., Ltd. (Our company), which is the owner and operator of babyAC. By using babyAC, Users agree to comply with the conditions stated in the Terms regarding the use of AI images. If you do not agree to the Terms, you will not be allowed to use babyAC.

Download and use AI images

  1. It is not possible to sell or use the non-existent face image generated by babyAC from a real human photo (AI image 1) for advertisements without permission. You must obtain a license for portrait rights of the real person. There is no copyright or portrait right for the non-existent face image generated by babyAC from the non-existent faces generated by AI (AI image 2)
  2. Users who have downloaded AI image 2 can freely modify, edit and use these AI images for personal and commercial purposes, including providing them to business partners, educational purposes, printed matters such as advertisements and pamphlets, multimedia content such as homepages, videos, games, software. However, the following usages are prohibited. Please note that any usage that violates the prohibited items will infringe our copyright.
    1. It is not permitted to use AI images for pornography, illegal or other immoral purposes, or for displaying as a product or service recommender, such as "Voice of the Customer".
    2. AI images may not be used for articles, videos, promotions, advertisements, etc. that contain illegal, false or slanderous content.
    3. AI images cannot be used in a way that is offensive to public order and morals, or for the purpose of providing work or activities that are offensive to public order and morals. In addition, regardless of whether it is offensive to public order and morals, regarding adult magazines and adult videos (other than DVD, CD-ROM, website, etc., regardless of medium), covers, packages, articles, videos, advertisements, etc. It cannot be used for advertising or any other means. Also, use in articles, videos, advertisements, advertisements, and all other forms related to pornography and customs (meaning all matters related to sex customs, legal / illegal, commercial / non-profit, individuals / corporations, etc.) I can't do that either.
    4. AI image 1 and AI image 2 can be distributed as they are or processed as independent transactions (sales, rental, free distribution, free loan, etc.) or publicly transmitted (transmission using the Internet homepage or broadcasting). It is not possible to provide it using such as for-profit or non-profit.
    5. It cannot be used in a way that interferes with the publication of our AI images.
    6. Use secondary works containing AI image 1, AI image 2, or processed AI image 1 and AI image 2 data as the main content in the product (refers to calendars, jigsaw puzzles, etc., but only for this). (Not), publishing or transmitting on the Internet or similar methods, and distributing by incorporating it into software or hardware (for example, for use in Internet greeting card services, template download services, etc., or for mobile phones. It cannot be embedded as a standby screen, embedded as a material sample of application software, etc., embedded in a screen saver, etc. and distributed). In addition, it is not possible to provide print services, etc. by incorporating it into hardware, software, etc. as a template.
    7. AI images cannot be used as trademarks, trade names or other products.
    8. You cannot create more than 2 AI images a day (excluding premium members). It is not possible to download using software or operate a website that distributes AI images such as material sites using AI images provided by babyAC.
    9. It is not possible to copy AI images to a hard disk such as a server and use them on multiple personal computers via LAN connection.
  3. Even if you do not meet the above-prohibited items, if we judge that the usage method is inappropriate, please refrain from using it, or if you have already used it, please stop using it. there is. In this case, the user shall be obliged to follow our judgment. If you are not sure whether or not each of the above prohibited items applies, please contact us.
  4. Members may not use the services of babyAC to create AI images that are the same as or similar to the appearance of a real person or the copyrighted work of another person.

Changes to these Terms of Use

  1. We reserve the right to change these Terms of Use at any time at our discretion.
  2. We are not obligated to notify you of any changes to these Terms of Use. Unless otherwise specified by us, these changed Terms of Use shall become effective from the time they are displayed on this site. If you use this site after the change of these Terms of Use becomes effective, the user will be deemed to have agreed to all of the changed Terms of Use.


  1. We do not guarantee that the AI images provided by babyAC will meet your requirements or that their use will not be discontinued in the future.
  2. We are not responsible for any troubles or accidents that may occur due to the use of AI images.
  3. We may cause normal damages, punitive damages, special damages, indirect damages, consequential or incidental damages, or loss of profits or other damages, costs, losses resulting from the use of babyAC or its AI images. We shall not be liable to the user or any other person or business entity.
  4. We are not obligated to manage and store the AI images provided by babyAC. We are not responsible for any damage or loss of AI images due to business reasons, system overload, system malfunction, maintenance, enactment, revision or abolition of laws, natural disasters, power outages, communication failures, unauthorized access, or other reasons.
  5. We may close babyAC and terminate the service at any time without notice. In that case, we will not be liable for any damage incurred by the user.
  6. We do not represent or warrant that the app will be uninterrupted or error-free, that any defects will be corrected, or that this app or the server that makes the app available are free of viruses or anything else harmful.
  7. You download or otherwise obtain content through the use of app at your own discretion and risk and you are solely responsible for any damage to your mobile device, computer system or other device or loss of data that results from such use.

Elimination of antisocial forces

  1. Our company and the user each assure the other party of the following matters.
    1. You are not a gangster, a gangster, an associate member of a gangster, a gangster official, a general assembly shop, or any other antisocial force (hereinafter collectively referred to as "antisocial force").
    2. Your officers are not antisocial forces.
    3. Do not allow antisocial forces to use their name and conclude this contract.
    4. Not involved in providing funds, etc., or providing convenience to antisocial forces.
    5. To have no anti-social and social reprehensible relationship.
    6. Do not do any of the following with respect to this agreement, either by yourself or by using a third party.
      1. Acts that use threatening behavior or violence against the other party
      2. Acts that interfere with the other party's business or damage the credibility by using counterfeiting or power
  2. First Party and Second Party may cancel this contract without any notice if the other party falls under any of the following items.
    1. When it is found that the promises in the preceding paragraphs (1) to (5) are violated
    2. If you act contrary to the promise in (6) above
  3. According to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if this contract is canceled, the canceler does not need to compensate or compensate for any damages caused to the other party, and when such cancellation causes damages to the canceler. The other party shall compensate for the damage.


  1. The user may not assign, transfer, set collateral, or otherwise dispose of the rights to us or the obligations borne by us to a third party.
  2. The user shall immediately compensate for any damages caused by our company due to the violation of these terms of use.
  3. We will notify members by means of communication that we deem appropriate, such as written notification, sending e-mail (e-mail newsletter), or posting on our website. If the notification is sent by e-mail or posted on the homepage, it shall reach the member when it is delivered on the Internet.
  4. We may make changes such as improvements, additions, and deletions to the specifications of babyAC. The user shall consent to this in advance.
  5. We do not take any responsibility for the websites that users access through the links from babyAC. Being linked does not mean that the linked destination and our company have an affiliated company, business partner, or other relationship.
  6. Even if some of the provisions of these Terms of Use are illegal, invalid or impossible by law, the other provisions of these Terms of Use will continue to be valid.
  7. These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
  8. All disputes regarding the use of babyAC or AI images provided by babyAC shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance of the Osaka District Court in Japan.